Payback Potential: Achieve more for less with process optimisation and robust decision support systems.

  • Evidence-based understanding of process operations, reasons for variations in throughput and quality and the complex interactions affecting performance
  • Our expertise in handling and analysing Big Data can revolutionise supply chains, production, and business models

What we do: We integrate information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) to identify, target and improve key areas for improvement within manufacturing organisations.

  • We combine the know-how of Hosokawa’s experienced engineers and the latest PC-based analysis tools
  • Benchmark individual equipment and process stages to pinpoint where operations are under performing
  • Decide how and when to implement changes to work smarter to get the most out of your existing plant while freeing up time and resources

How we do it: Gen4 combines human process engineering expertise with advanced analytics of historic plant performance data to resolve issues with informed decisions in real-time.

Hosokawa GEN4 technology will:

  • Identify and quantify the major influences on plant performance
  • Discover causes of poor or abnormal performance and propose ‘best practice’ instead
  • Detect explicit opportunities for immediate process improvement
  • Recognise and troubleshoot causes of process bottlenecks to remove them
  • Quantify potential benefits from plant optimisation

Benefits: The first phase in better understanding your plant involves no capital expenditure.

  • Focus on information most relevant to you in transforming either business operations, growth or both
  • Make the value judgements and informed decisions based on plant and operations data
  • Review advanced manufacturing strategies to maximise returns available from Industry 4.0 technologies
  • Quantify returns from deployment of online advisory and intelligent monitoring systems and/or closed loop control

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