Remote Monitoring Solution: Access live data and control screen information from multiple production systems or locations.

  • Gen4’s ReMs delivers real-time visibility of process status and operational performance
  • Maintain your process as close as possible to optimal performance
  • Displays of live values, trends and alerts indicate the condition of parts, power optimisation and timing of machine maintenance
  • Simulate operating condition scenarios to understand how they might impact the plant

What we do: Our experienced process engineers diagnose operating issues and inform and train your operators to get the maximum from your plant.

  • In its simplest form, Gen4 relays data from the plant for analysis, either onsite or remotely
  • Defined plant operating alarms can be layered on this, with abnormal or exception results distributed to relevant stakeholders

How we do it: Continuous real-time monitoring collates data; intelligent software analyses and interprets this into practical predictions and prescriptions

Real Time In-Process Measurement

  • Live operating data is taken directly from the production information system
  • The value of each key variable is compared to a library of best practice templates for matching operating conditions
  • Gen4 applies edge analytics at the point of collection so that only the information identified as being significant is then sent to a cloud or on-premises data store
  • Avoids the build-up of unnecessary operational data, which can be difficult – and expensive – to manage

Benefits: Proactive monitoring helps you consistently meet and exceed operating objectives, while delivering additional advantages.

  • Early heads-up on potential problems
  • Reduced risk of costly equipment damage
  • Shift from reactive to proactive, predictive maintenance
  • Consistent high quality with reduced product variability
  • Repeatable techniques for plant start-ups or transfer across facilities
  • Avoid excessive, resource-consuming operational data

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