Control: consistently optimise outcomes per your Key Performance Indicators.

Process optimisation made easy

Gen4’s intelligent control models are built using actual plant operation data to ensure that your process operates in line with defined KPIs.

What we do: We turn your data into control models based on specific KPIs and operating parameters to maintain and improve performance.

  • Models may be custom-built for integrated processes or drawn from our library of best practice KPIs and solutions to common goals such as energy efficiency, yield quality or higher throughput
  • Flexibility to operate as either an open advisory or closed loop control system
  • Gen4 continuously analyses inputs and outputs and compares them to predictions from the data model
  • Secure control systems configured to maintain. performance within predetermined operational limits
  • Edge analytics capability decreases latency in decision-making on connected devices to reduce or avoid unplanned equipment downtime

How we do it: We calculate optimum machine settings to meet your operating objectives.

  • Establish business rules and analyse important independent and dependent process variables and the dynamic relationships between them
  • Concurrent control across multiple variables to enhance outcomes
  • More intelligent asset utilisation, activity synchronisation and flow, leading to better process performance and product consistency and quality, even in small batches

Benefits: Easy to understand, practical and dynamic models deliver tangible production benefits

  • Fully-supported, transparent transition from conventional to advanced manufacturing
  • De-risked production process due to better quality management
  • Reduced supply chain dependencies
  • Scalable edge analytics lessen processing pressure on enterprise data management systems
  • Smart devices deliver wherever and whenever they can create improvement opportunities
  • Less frequent, better targeted operator intervention

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