Based on Hosokawa’s advanced multivariate data management and control systems – ReMs, Intellimill and Intelliplant – Gen4 transforms operations by means of physical-to-digital and digital-to-physical connections.

Industry 4.0 concepts enable Gen4 to integrate information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) to track and regulate process flow, monitor quality control and manage the lifecycle of production assets.

Field data from sensors and controls is converted into practical actions and solutions to deliver the benefits made available by the factory of the future:

  • Enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your workforce, potentially improving the work-life balance across the organisation
  • Transform plant intelligence and prevent malfunction with automatic adjustment of machinery when measurements move beyond acceptable ranges
  • Understand and learn the causes of failure to better address the root of process problems, rather than only the symptoms
  • In addition to proactive quality control actions, physical-to-digital information gathered by sensors can re-route process flows to improve and synchronise activities

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