Gen4’s Digital Twin at POWTECH

September 28, 2017

Hosokawa Gen4's Digital Twin

Hosokawa Gen 4’s proudest innovation is our Digital Twin Technology.

Working with our Remote Monitoring Mobile App, we allow customers to simulate processing in full and to manage a process off-site; including data capture, analysis and interrogation, remote monitoring, performance improvement and increased plant control.

Digital Twin is the first of its kind, helping to make your data valuable. At our POWTECH 2017 exhibition stand we welcome everyone to join us and take a step into the future of manufacturing, designing, processing and cloud based interconnectivity, making manufacturing more streamlined, accurate and cost-effective than ever before.

Customers can visualise full processes remotely and to accurately analyse every aspect of machinery and product in real time.

We are proud to have our technology in partnership with Siemens’ Mindsphere open source cloud storage system. This provides users with the most powerful tools for analytics, storage and sharing, offering unparalleled security and adaptability for every business.

Join us at POWTECH, meet the team and glimpse the future.

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