GEN4 Presentation at Powder Technology Symposium in Japan

September 01, 2016

Iain Crosley, MD of Hosokawa Gen4, has accepted an invitation to present at the prestigious 50th Hosokawa Powder Technology Symposium in Japan to be held on 13th September 2016.

Organised by the Hosokawa Powder Technology Foundation, the event is attended by over 200 participants and this year will be held at the Tokyo Marriott Hotel.

Mr Crosley’s presentation is entitled, ‘The Internet-of-Things, Opportunities to Improve Manufacturing Processes’ and covers how technical advances in communication technology, data collection and analysis, increased computational power and the widespread adoption of the internet are influencing positive manufacturing changes.

The Industry of Things has been identified as the 4th Industrial Revolution and this dramatic step change in manufacturing is now taking place for those companies willing to invest in intelligent manufacturing systems that will deliver customisation of products with ‘batch of one’ production, better products and increasingly agile production.

Hosokawa Micron Gen4 is at the forefront of this manufacturing change with a portfolio of services to support manufacturers, including data capture, analysis and interrogation, remote monitoring, performance improvement and increased plant control.

The Hosokawa Powder Technology Foundation was established to support global powder engineering and contribute to the expansion of research on powder engineering and peripheral technologies.

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