Gen4 Does It For You

September 25, 2017

Hosokawa Gen4's Remote Monitoring Mobile App

As part of the latest technology advances involved with Hosokawa Gen4, we are pleased to showcase our improvements to processing. Gen4 enables users to fully automate and remotely manage processing – helping achieve increased plant and machine availability as well as lowering operating costs and predicting any maintenance due, allowing you to turn data into a truly valuable business asset.

Remote Monitoring Mobile App

Alongside this, we deploy Gen4’s intelligent process automation via the unique Remote Monitoring Mobile App. The Remote Monitoring application allows customers to connect to plant and systems, collecting and overseeing real-time data and to adapt processes as needed without having to be on site. The easy to use interface enables anybody to simply understand and visualise how a process can be deployed and to understand exactly what is happening and where second by second.

Our POWTECH 2017 demonstration will allow visitors to view exactly how this system can be used to troubleshoot operational issues, connect to a system for data and reports, and to simulate any production throughput’s potential to affect outcomes. This offers a completely unparalleled level of detail to help ensure that new, intelligent production and manufacturing can drive a business forward at a rate that is suitable for any business strategy.

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