Digital Technologies Tour for Manufacturers

June 04, 2018

A factory tour of Hosokawa Micron, as part of a Manufacturing Alliance Annual Group Meeting, and  designed to showcase how utilising digital technologies can be a performance enhancer in SME manufacturing businesses, was a great success.

The factory tour at Hosokawa allowed MA members to see:
• How a PLM system can be used to pull the overall business management system together, such as, CRM, ERP & Design Software
• How 3-D Design & VR/AR can be applied in an SME business
• How to set up and gain value from a Digital Twin
• What a roadmap to implement digital technologies looks like

This was a ‘best practice by example’ showing how Industry 4.0 type technologies are already being used, effectively. For many, commenting, ‘very insightful’, ‘very informative’, ‘really enjoyed the explanation of the new processes and input from the shop floor’, ‘great energy and knowledge from the Hosokawa Team’ and ‘great to listen to Hosokawa’s digital journey, the factory tour was a highlight of the event’.
A visit to our Contract Processing facility enabled visitors to see how digital technologies have enabled us to improve in-spec material production to 98%. Hosokawa’s Contract Processing and Hosokawa Gen4 teams were pleased to answer questions on a range of topics including ‘how to start the digital journey’, ‘who to trust’ and ‘the benefits they could apply to their own businesses’.

Iain Crosley said, ‘Throughout the day exceptional speakers spoke passionately about a number of topics including; the unique USPs that Industry 4.0 can provide, cyber security protection, real examples of how even simple technologies can have a big impact on businesses and the support for Industry 4.0 implementation available through Innovate UK and KTN.

The Contract Processing Facility has been built as a Demonstrator as called for in the Made Smarter Report, and Hosokawa Micron are inviting interested parties to arrange visits to understand how these technologies can be applied to their businesses.

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