How companies can benefit from Big Data

March 24, 2017

Manufacturers are facing increasing pressure to improve production and increase productivity with the threat that if they don’t reassess how they make things now, their more savvy competitors will leapfrog ahead of them.

Iain Crosley, Managing Director of Hosokawa Gen4, looks at how manufacturers can capitalise on Big Data to realise production improvements that will position them ahead of their competitors in today’s internet connected and data driven, manufacturing world.

‘Big Data has the potential to aid productivity rates, quality, flexibility and machinery availability and be an ‘access for all’ step towards improve competitiveness in your chosen markets. Big Data is more than crunching masses of data. Data in itself is only valuable when analysed and turned into meaningful information or knowledge that can be then be applied to production methods to create a positive impact on productivity.

By comparing current and future manufacturing we can see how the impact of Big Data can expose the opportunities for positive change that can turn companies into the leading manufacturers of tomorrow, potentially leaving competitors in their wake.

This article appeared in full in Irish Manufacturing magazine.

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