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  • We currently have an embargo on capital expenditure so upgrading our equipment cannot be considered as an option in improving our processing results. Will you be able to offer viable and affordable alternatives to this?

    One of the first things we do as part of the Hosokawa Gen4 service is to undertake a survey of your plant where we look at Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

    In most instances the majority of improvement solutions do not involve high capital investment but instead concentrate upon better utilisation of existing equipment. This makes the Hosokawa Gen4 service a cost efficient option to capital expenditure – in many instances the service pays for itself quite quickly through increased yield and plant availability or energy savings and waste reduction.

    Our engineers work with you to deliver clear indicators and defined options at critical decision points where you the customer decide what is the best solution for your company at that time.

  • We have never utilised this type of service before, is it expensive?

    Not really as frequently many of the process parameters are already being monitored and sent back to your plc. An inexpensive data logger may be all the hardware that is needed and this can be used to retrieve and collate important data for further analysis.

    One of the preliminary questions we seek to quantify is the improvement potential – this allows you to decide if you want to take it further in light of potential cost savings, increase in throughout etc.

  • Does the payback justify the effort?

    Improving the knowledge base of any process leads to potential savings in process costs. A prime example would be energy where optimisation can lead to significant savings.

    A reduction in maintenance costs can be achieved by predicting failures and avoiding costly unscheduled plant shut downs. A reduction in the amount of off spec material can save a lot and optimisation will ensure you are operating in the right envelope at all times.

    Consider this as an initial step towards ‘smarter’ manufacturing that can make your factory more flexible in its production and more nimble in its response to customer demands – keeping you ahead of the competition, supplying what your customers want – when they want it.

  • We do not have the available/experienced personnel to do this?

    Hosokawa Gen4 engineers can set up a data collection system that allows data to be collected and securely accessed remotely by anyone, anywhere with a pc, tablet or mobile phone.

    24/7 monitoring could be then be hosted outside the company which means none of your personnel are required. Alternatively monitoring could be shared between several personnel who might collaborate to do this work.

    Access to the data is very quick and simple. By working with Hosokawa Gen4 you have the benefit of access to experienced plant and processing engineers to undertake the UNDERSTAND, MONITOR and CONTROL elements of performance improvement, on your behalf.

  • What are the benefits of remote monitoring?

    Many remote monitoring services are simply condition monitoring services which are increasingly popular for providing preventative maintenance information.

    Hosokawa Gen4’s Remote Monitoring service offers much more. By providing manufacturers with a real and practical insight into how your plant operates it can deliver more than monitoring for preventative maintenance.

    We can include on-line diagnostics for improve plant availability, analytics designed for improving product quality and remedial workflow instructions that can minimise downtime. We can also combine this with remote technical support by our equipment and process experts to deliver a range of benefits including:

    • Reduction in unplanned shutdowns
    • Fewer site visits
    • Improved equipment performance
    • Increased visibility of operations with displays of live values, trends and alerts


  • Our maintenance costs are increasingly out of control which has a direct negative impact on our operating profit. How can Hosokawa Gen4’s services help us manage these costs more effectively?

    Preventative maintenance is less costly than corrective maintenance and we offer a range of packages to deliver the best condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions.

    Starting with a pure app that remotely monitors the major parameters of the plant and triggers alarms if they are outside of normal operating ranges; we can then add on-line trending, condition monitoring, online particle sizing, online advice and automatic report generation for quality control records. In addition there is an option for direct access to our support services. Our packages are tailor made to the end users requirements but utilising standard building blocks to provide a modular cost effective solution.

    Hosokawa Micron engineers work with you to develop maintenance strategies for the life of the machine, based on their technical knowledge and plant maintenance history. Not only can such strategies improve production values but also enable companies to meet environmental considerations, improve efficient use of personnel and support Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines.

    Access to the data is very quick and simple. By working with Hosokawa Micron you have the benefit of access to experienced plant and processing engineers to undertake the UNDERSTAND, MONITOR and CONTROL elements of Performance Improvement, on your behalf.

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