About Hosokawa Gen4: We are unique in combining machine capability with software and controls expertise to deliver data-driven manufacturing solutions.

Gen4’s range of knowledge-based, modular solutions support customers in capitalising on the data within their plant or process. Working with large and smaller businesses to navigate through the shift from traditional to intelligent manufacturing to gain production improvements and tangible business benefits.

  • Modular solutions to suit your business

    Gen4 works with each customer, at a pace that suits them and the particular needs of their business. In this way, they benefit from incremental and measurable production improvements such as increased plant and machinery availability, predictive maintenance, reduced defects, gaining higher throughputs, greater flexibility and reduced operating costs.

    • Remote data collection
    • Analysis and interrogation
    • Online advisory systems                                                              
    • Intelligent monitoring solutions
    • Closed loop control systems
  • You remain in control

    Gen4 is provided on a collaborative basis to allow customers to review each step of the implementation while making value judgements on day-to-day plant processes. Our modular approach minimises disruption to ongoing operations and progress at a rate to suit your business.

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