Intelligent manufacturing in a digital age


Global manufacturing is poised to make one of the biggest changes to economic growth and productivity ever seen – eclipsing the mechanical, mass production and automation industrial revolutions of the last 200+ years.

The 4th industrial revolution will increase and improve productivity through an industrial transformation that combines manufacturing with the technological innovations of the internet.

Manufacturing + Internet = Industry 4.0

Opportunities to improve quality and increase productivity and meet your customer’s growing expectations with an agility which sets your company apart from competitors, are already available.

Are you ready?

Many companies may not have the facilities and expertise in-house to optimise the opportunities available to meet the requirements for more intelligent manufacturing which requires the capability for asset monitoring, data analysis and the conversion of data into knowledge and actions.

Hosokawa Micron is the first machinery company to have this intelligence in their systems and through Hosokawa Gen4, the capability to deliver an integrated knowledge based, problem solving, action response driven solution that will enable your company to respond to these changes and turn them to your business advantage…whilst keeping you in control at all time.



How we optimise your efficiency

By capturing the data in your plant we can unlock patterns and trends that have never before been seen, enabling another level of efficiency within your plant or manufacturing process.

By improving visibility operators can see how individual assets are performing, identify hidden losses and failures, justify improvements and then monitor their impact on the bottom line.

Hosokawa Gen4 can help companies manage and modernise processes in real time instead of when it’s too late to effect change. By making information actionable, companies can benefit from increased production agility and flexibility in a rapidly changing business environment keeping them ahead of the competition.

Remote monitoring services and emerging computational and communication technologies facilitates a 24/7 qualified operational response.


Supercharge business improvements

Manufacturing businesses already implementing lean manufacturing principles and methodologies such as Six Sigma can benefit from the improved performance data and predictive analytics offered by Hosokawa Gen4.

The Internet of Things with its data power and machine to machine (M2M) communications can effectively supercharge these established methodologies by processing and analysing the big data necessary for more accurate predictive analytics. This will drive process efficiencies and effectiveness eliminating waste and reducing product and production variance and improving quality.

Having the right partner with the right expertise and experience is crucial in integrating new digitised intelligent processes within your business – contact Hosokawa Gen4 for an initial, no obligation discussion on how working together could supercharge your business.